Domestic and International card fraud is increasing year on year.

Fraud losses on UK-issued payment cards and card accounts totalled £567.5 million in 2015, an 18% increase from £479 million in 2014;

In 2015 £187.7 million
was lost to criminals using UK card details fraudulently abroad

In the UK lost or stolen cards accounted for £74.1 million of total card fraud losses in 2015

Cyber Crime

Increased time spent online has resulted in greater level of cyber-crime incidents.

There was an estimated 1 million incidents of fraud related to online shopping or fraudulent computer service calls in 2015

Theft of Valuables / Mobile Phones

Almost everyone now owns a mobile phone, 94% of people between the ages of 14 and 64 have a handset.

According to the 2014/15 Crime Survey there were 538,000 victims of mobile phone theft that year

800 Apple phones and 304 Samsung phones were stolen per week in 2015

Emergency Travel Documents

Keep you travel documentation safe, many items are lost or stolen every day.

In 2015 over 21,000 British passports
were lost or stolen

In 2013 80 emergency travel documents
(ETDs) were issued to British nationals every day

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